Getting A Year Older

I am eighteen.

I am not seventeen anymore :( it was a fact that makes me even sad, and realize that I have no longer time to stay in this world. I just hope I can be a much much much better person and I will my 18th year fulfilled with many unforgettable experiences, many things that make my life would be never flat, many friends, many qualities time with family and friends and much money, hahahahahaha...

Thanks Allah,You've done Your best in my last 17 year's life, and I'm sure You will do that too in my rest lifetime :)

March 18th, 1993 - March 18th, 2011
Me, an ordinary girl who want to be an extraordinary woman
Nurvirta Monarizqa

Ps: if you want to give me something in my birthday, please give me an android phone, a set of tupperware,  or a raincoat for my lovely backpack, I need that all :p
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  1. Yan Restu Freski Says:

    arep digawakke seko amrik? ahahaha... gur guyon mon..

  2. Nurvirta Monarizqa Says:

    gelem yan, salahe nawari

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